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Boat Trailer Disc Brake Free Backing Reverse Lock Out Solenoid Valve

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Part Number: 23864
by Titan: 4748800
Normally Open Reverse Free Backing Solenoid Valve
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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Normally Open Free Backing Electric Solenoid Valve.  Commonly found on boat trailers, the solenoid is required if using disc brakes with a surge actuator to prevent locking of the brakes while reversing. This Normally Open Reverse Solenoid operates on a 12 volt capacity and installs with two wires.  One wire (either one) connects to tow vehicle reverse lights. One wire (either one) connects to ground. This valve is rated to 800 p.s.i. The solenoid is activated when the tow vehicle is shifted into reverse, powered by the reverse lights.  The solenoid then closes the brake fluid port and allows the trailer to back up without locking the trailer brakes by preventing brake fluid from reaching the brakes on the trailer.  Male threads (1/8 MTP male pipe threads) screw into back of master cylinder. Female threads (3/16 inverted flare) connect to standard brake line.




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