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205/65-10 aka 20.5x8x10 Pontoon Boat Trailer Tire 20.5x8-10 LRC 1105lb

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Part Number: 24146
by Kenda Loadstar Low Profile K399: 1HP52
20.5x8x10 Trailer Tire Load Range C #1105, Low Profile and Tough
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A Low Profile, Rugged and Tough Bias Ply tire that has the smooth appearance of a radial. This 20.5 x 8 x 10 Bias Ply Tire features innovative tread patterns to allow for better towing stability and slower tread wear, prolonging the life of the tire. these tires are designed with the user in mind, giving you a lower profile without compensating for towing performance. Match up the capacity your needing by checking out the specs below. This Tire size is very common on pontoon boat trailers, jet ski trailers, and snow mobile trailers. the 20.5 is commonly referred to as a Low Profile trailer tire, because this is the intention. You desire a strong, low to the ground tire for loading and unloading your trailer easier. 
Tire Specs
Load Range C (6 Ply) 
Side Width 8.3 inches
Overall Diameter 20.5 inches
Capacity 1105 lbs
Max p.s.i 50


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