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Steel Trailer Light Box for 6

Steel Trailer Light Box for 6" Oval Brake Lights and 2" Round Side Marker Light

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This is a Steel Trailer Light Box, or Protective Light Cover which is designed to be welded to your trailer frame.  The Light box can be Painted, or galvanized afterward to better match your trailer.

This Trailer Light Box will fit the standard 6” Oval Tail Light in the main Oval shaped opening, as well as a 2” Round Clearance light on the side.  The 3rd hole is for the wires, that way the Lights can be installed cleanly and leave no exposed wires where they could become damaged or worn by the elements.

This Steel Trailer Light Enclosure measures 8 5/8” L x 3 ¾” x 4” H, and will fully cover your Trailer Brake Lights, protecting them from damage better than a standard light mount.  Because of this, a fully protective light cover like this pairs well with the more expensive, but longer lasting LED Trailer Lights.


-Weld On Installation

-Fits 6" Oval Brake Light

-Additionally Fits 2" Round Side Marker Light

-Steel Construction, 8 5/8” L x 3 ¾” x 4” H


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