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Replacement Oval Trailer Light Grommet for Standard 6 Inch Oval Lights

Replacement Oval Trailer Light Grommet for Standard 6 Inch Oval Lights

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Part Number: 23378
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A single replacement Light Grommet for 6 inch Oval Trailer Lights, made from a durable and UV Resistant rubber.

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This replacement Grommet will fit any Standard 6 inch Oval Trailer Light.  Many Oval LED or Incandescent trailer lights are what's known as 'grommet mount' or 'flush mount' lights, meaning they install to the trailer using a grommet like this one. Grommet Install Lights are great for Utility Trailers or Boat trailers, as they make replacing the Lights simple and easy.  As long as your trailer has the appropriate Oval opening for the grommet already cut out of the trailer frame, you simply press the Grommet into place, then press the light into the grommet and plug it in, no tools required.  This makes replacing Incandescent lights much easier when they go out, or makes swapping to LED a breeze.

If your trailer does not have a cutout for a 6 inch oval light that you would like to use, you can also purchase a housing separately and install the housing to your trailer which will allow you to use the industry standard 6 inch Oval Trailer Lights.  For example, the Steel Trailer Light Box for 6" Oval Lights that we sell would allow you to use this grommet and a 6 inch oval light, like this Waterproof 6" Oval TrailerBrake Light from Tecniq or the same version of that light with a pre-wired pigtail here

Most 6" Oval Trailer Lights actually measure about 6 1/2" end to end, but they are known as 6" Oval Lights in the trailer industry.  This grommet is designed to fit those lights.  The grommet itself is about 7 5/8" inches long by 3 3/8" wide, and is made of a weather-resistant flexible rubber.

- Fits Standard 6 inch Oval Lights
- 7 5/8" L x 3 3/8" W


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