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Convert-A-Ball 1 Inch Shank

Convert-A-Ball 1 Inch Shank

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Part Number: 22767
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Convert-A-Ball 1 Inch Shank
Feature: Eco-Friendly Plating
Feature: Rust and Corrosion Resistant
Feature 5 USA Made
Price $28.69
In Stock
Need a more convenient way to change the ball on your trailer? Then look no further, this ball converter shank is made to be installed only once, then simply change the interchangeable balls as needed! Made of a new, non-electric nickel-plating technology that produces a strong, protective finish and the Eco-friendly plating method is less harmful to the environment than traditional chrome electroplating. This rust and corrosion-resistant shank is rated for up to 10,000lb towing capacity. The Convert-A-Ball has a 1" shank diameter, a 3" shank length, and includes a zinc-plated locking washer and nut.

- Lock Washer and Nut Included 
- Stainless Steel Construction
- 5" Overall Length
- Made in USA 


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