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How to Replace A Fender on A Trailer

A trailer fender could need replacing for many different reasons. It could be rusted, split, or damaged in an accident. A fender that is badly damaged could be difficult to remove, especially if it is crumpled where the bolt brackets are. Proper tools will be needed to take off the old and to install the new trailer fender. Getting the right fender is required to fit correctly. If the company that manufactured the trailer is known, then the dimensions should be available from them. Otherwise the fender will need to be measured for correct fit.
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Trailer Bearing Basics

Although trailer bearings are an extremely simple and small part of the wheel, they have a tremendous impact on just how well the trailer itself will function. You have to face the fact that faulty bearings will essentially take your trailer out of commission. However, there is no need to fret over the potential cost of making the repair. This job is a simple one that can be done from home by virtually anyone with the right tools.
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