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Choosing the Right Trailer Lamp Kit

Choosing the right trailer lights for a personal trailer depends as much on the trailer as the state one is going to be driving in. A number of different kits are available, but that doesn’t mean every one of them is the right one for a specific trailer. Size, state laws, use, and location all influence what makes the right set of trailer lights for the situation.
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How to Replace a Trailer Axle

The axle is secured to the leaf springs with a U-Bolt. Remove the U-Bolts on both ends of the axle, and the axle should be completely disconnected from the trailer. With an assistant on the other end of the axle, lift and move it to the side until completely free of the leaf springs. Once clear of the springs, pull the axle all the way out from under the trailer.
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How to Buy Trailer Tires

Replacing tires on the family sedan or tow vehicle is a well-supported endeavor with significant amounts of educational material available. Trailer tires, on the other hand, receive very little attention, but properly buying trailer tires does not need to be difficult or mysterious. Armed with a few bits of information, and a small amount of knowledge, keeping a trailer rolling with a properly fitted set of tires is as easy as hooking up for a long weekend at the lake.
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