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Selecting a Boat Trailer

Posted by Tim on 2/25/2014 to Boat Trailers
People who have boats have realized that they need to have the appropriate boat trailers with which to haul their boats. Just as there are a variety of types of boats of various makes and models on the market, so are there of boat trailers. There are many manufacturers of boat trailers. Boat trailers are constructed of various materials as well and come in different sizes designed to haul boats of different lengths and weights. When selecting the boat trailer that is right for your boat, there are various factors that you need to take into consideration.

Four Boat and Boat Trailer Wintertime Maintenance Tips

Posted by Tim on 2/19/2014 to Trailer Tips
Boats tend to be a summertime accessory. They're great for water skiing, tubing, fishing and much more. But what about those winter months when most people's boats don't touch the water for extended periods of time? For those who store their boats and boat trailers outside, it is of the utmost importance to make sure they are properly taken care of. If they aren't, this could lead to costly damage to either the boat itself or the trailer it's sitting on. Let's dive in and take a close look at what boat owners can do to protect their valuable boating investments.

How Trailer Brakes and Tires Affect Your Safety

Posted by Tim on 2/14/2014 to Boat Trailers
Other drivers, road hazards and the weather are beyond your control. Take steps to ensure your safety before you head out on your next adventure with your trailer. Just as pilots perform a preflight checklist before taking to the skies, it is a good idea to inspect your trailer brakes and tires well ahead of your next trip. A little planning makes all the difference when it comes to safety.

Picking the Right Hitch Ball for Your Trailer

Posted by JT on 2/10/2014 to Trailer Tips
To select the proper hitch ball for your trailer, you first need to determine the weight of your trailer and your vehicle's towing capacity. The combination of these two specifications gives you the general class of hitch you need, and the only remaining task is shopping for your hitch ball.

Expert Advice for Your Boat Trailer

Posted by Tim on 1/19/2014 to Boat Trailers
When you purchase a boat, it may seem like the only thing you need to know when hauling it is to hitch it up to your truck and cruise on down the highway. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. It is essential to know about your boat's trailer so you can safely transport your vessel and keep others on the road as safe as possible.

Making Tracks: Choosing the Right Tire for Your Trailer

Posted by Tim on 1/8/2014 to Trailer Tips
Taking for granted the tires on your trailer causes possible slowdowns, breakdowns and other problems. As trailer tires wear down or your towing needs change, finding the right tires for the job is a much more involved process than merely finding the cheapest model on the rack and putting it on.

Stay Prepared: Keeping a Spare Tire Accessible and in Good Condition

Posted by Dupree on 1/7/2014 to Trailer Tips
Having a flat tire is no fun. Whether it greets you as you walk out the door to start your day or occurs while you are driving along, a flat tire is inconvenient to say the least. Keeping a good spare tire in the trunk makes the experience a little less irritating. Not all cars have a spare, so it is not safe to assume that you do.

Maintaining Your Boat Trailer

Posted by Dupree on 1/4/2014 to Boat Trailers
Each time you tow your boat to and from the water, you trust its safety in your boat trailer. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a quality trailer, and to maintain it at a peak level of condition. Taking care of your boat trailer is fairly simple, requiring just a small amount of time whenever you use it.

Trailer Brakes: What Owners Should Know Before towing

Posted by Dupree on 1/3/2014 to Boat Trailers
Trailers are one of the most important pieces of equipment you own for your home or business. While you have most definitely thought of the length, height and features of your trailer, you may not think about its most important feature: its brakes. Before you take your trailer out on the open road, know these facts about your trailer's braking system.

When Heavy-duty Trailer Tires Are the Right Choice

Posted by Tim on 12/23/2013 to Trailer Tips
To prolong the life of your vehicle, your tires need to match your vehicle's everyday use and standard load. Putting your truck, boat or other vehicle through constant wear and tear through rough terrain or heavy loads with standard tires inevitably leads to damage and eventual failure. Heavy-duty trailer tires are the right choice for large, heavy-use vehicles.

Basic Boating Safety Tips

Posted by Tim on 12/20/2013 to Trailer Tips
Knowledge of basic boating safety can be the difference between a fun time out on the water and an absolute disaster. Boating safety consists of more than the actions you take on the boat; in fact, it begins the moment you prepare to drive your boat down to the water.

Choosing the Right Trailer Lamp Kit

Posted by Tim on 10/31/2013 to Trailer Safety
Choosing the right trailer lights for a personal trailer depends as much on the trailer as the state one is going to be driving in. A number of different kits are available, but that doesn’t mean every one of them is the right one for a specific trailer. Size, state laws, use, and location all influence what makes the right set of trailer lights for the situation.

How to Buy Trailer Tires

Posted by JT on 10/16/2013 to Boat Trailers
Replacing tires on the family sedan or tow vehicle is a well-supported endeavor with significant amounts of educational material available. Trailer tires, on the other hand, receive very little attention, but properly buying trailer tires does not need to be difficult or mysterious. Armed with a few bits of information, and a small amount of knowledge, keeping a trailer rolling with a properly fitted set of tires is as easy as hooking up for a long weekend at the lake.

How to Replace a Trailer Axle

Posted by JT Norwood on 10/16/2013 to Boat Trailers
The axle is secured to the leaf springs with a U-Bolt. Remove the U-Bolts on both ends of the axle, and the axle should be completely disconnected from the trailer. With an assistant on the other end of the axle, lift and move it to the side until completely free of the leaf springs. Once clear of the springs, pull the axle all the way out from under the trailer.

How to Replace A Fender on A Trailer

Posted by Tim on 9/23/2013 to Trailer Tips
A trailer fender could need replacing for many different reasons. It could be rusted, split, or damaged in an accident. A fender that is badly damaged could be difficult to remove, especially if it is crumpled where the bolt brackets are. Proper tools will be needed to take off the old and to install the new trailer fender. Getting the right fender is required to fit correctly. If the company that manufactured the trailer is known, then the dimensions should be available from them. Otherwise the fender will need to be measured for correct fit.

Trailer Bearing Basics

Posted by Tim on 9/11/2013 to Boat Trailers
Although trailer bearings are an extremely simple and small part of the wheel, they have a tremendous impact on just how well the trailer itself will function. You have to face the fact that faulty bearings will essentially take your trailer out of commission. However, there is no need to fret over the potential cost of making the repair. This job is a simple one that can be done from home by virtually anyone with the right tools.

Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips

Posted by Carlos on 7/28/2013 to Boat Trailers
If you own a boat, chances are, you own a trailer as well. Boat trailers need regular maintenance just as your boat does. No matter if you have an aluminum or galvanized boat trailer, there are things you can do to keep them functional longer.

Protect Your Boat Trailer

Posted by Melissa on 7/24/2013 to Boat Trailers
Most boat owners take impeccable care of their boat, but often the boat's trailer is neglected. Boat trailers are often left out in the elements which leads to fast deterioration of the frame and working parts.

Boating Buddy: A Necessity For Every Boat Trailer Owner

Posted by Joe on 7/22/2013 to Boat Trailers
Boat trailers are an essential component of the entire boat because they are the means of transporting it to and from the water. The boat wheels often receive the most wear and tear from exposure to highways and debris. A large amount of this breakdown is due to the constant build up of heat within the wheel bearings from climate and the friction of fast rotation.

Boat Trailer Locks

Posted by Bryan on 6/18/2013 to Trailer Safety
As the years ensue, the crime rate is continuously growing. Criminals are becoming more and more accomplished in finding ways to commit crimes without being taken into custody. Police officers and detectives may work extremely hard to lower crime rates but they are certainly incapable of suppressing senseless acts, such as theft.

Boat Trailer Tires

Posted by Carlos on 6/11/2013 to Boat Trailers
Known for its functionality and its ability to create a smooth ride, boat trailer tires are essential to any boating excursion. When compared to regular trailer tires, they are of the utmost quality and performance, as their sidewalls are strengthened and reinforced for durability. Stamped with the letters ST, they can be easily recognized.

What to Look For Trailer Locks

Posted by Carlos on 6/5/2013 to Trailer Safety
The trailer lock allows boat owners and anyone who uses a trailer to haul around large items and equipment to securely lock their trailer to their truck or other vehicle. There are several different styles of trailer locks available. There are coupler locks, fifth wheel locks, motor locks, spare tire locks and wheel locks. Some of the most common brands that manufacture trailer locks include Diversi-Tech, Rack’em Manufacturing, Blaylock, Fulton, Redline, Deadbolt, Reese and Master Lock just to name a few.

The Right Boat Trailer for Your Specific Need

Posted by Mel on 4/18/2013 to Boat Trailers
Boating is an American tradition, and for good reason. Even if you store your boat at the dock, a trailer for transporting it to and from storage to the dock is essential.

The Boating Experience Rolls On

Posted by Joe on 4/11/2013 to Boat Trailers
A good boat trailer contributes significantly to the overall boating experience. A boat trailer must pull smoothly, brake effectively, and work well in both the launch and retrieve at the dock.
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