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Black Rubber Keel Bumper for Boat Trailers 2 3/4

Black Rubber Keel Bumper for Boat Trailers 2 3/4"

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Part Number: 26570
by : 26570
Black Rubber Keel Guard

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This Black Rubber Keel Bumper is used on your trailer to prevent damage to your Boat's Keel. If there is a location on your trailer that has the possibility of coming into contact with and damaging your boat, adding a small hard rubber bumper like this one could save you money by preventing expensive damage to your boats finish. This Keel Protector measures 2 3/4" long and installs to your trailer through the 2 mounting holes on the flat side of the pad (hardware is not included). The Rubber Boat Guard is made of a tough, hard black rubber that won't mark your boat when the two come into contact with each other. 

- 2 3/4" Long 
- 2 Mounting Holes
- Durable Black Rubber Construction


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