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Zip Tie for Disc Brake Hose or Trailer Wiring

Zip Tie for Disc Brake Hose or Trailer Wiring

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Part Number: 22700
by : 9633
Brake Cable Zip Tie for Brake Hose and Wiring
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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These Zip Ties are used to mount your Hydraulic Brake Lines or trailer wiring to your trailers Frame or Axles, and have a breaking strength of 50lbs. Simply secure your Brake Hose or Wiring Harness by wrapping the Cable Tie completely around your Axle or Frame, and fastening them tight enough to where they're secure but aren't crimping the Brake Line. These can also be used by drilling a 1/4" hole in your C-Channel or I-Beam, and fastening them that way as well. These Brake Line / Wiring zip ties are ideal for usage in all environments. They will not rust and are easy to replace and secure into position when the time comes. These will work on Steel, Galvanized, and Aluminum Trailer Frames. Using this type of tie, rather than steel screwed in brackets will eliminate the amount of rusted components on your trailer! Cable Push Ties can be used for a clean, more defined look. 

- 50lb Capacity
- Multi-Use
- No Corrosion/Rust


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