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Zinc Plated Roller Shaft 11 inch long 5/8 inch Diameter

Zinc Plated Roller Shaft 11 inch long 5/8 inch Diameter

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Part Number: 23775
by Distributor: 23775
Boat trailer roller Zinc plated 5/8 in
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Zinc plated boat trailer replacement roller shaft. This item will work with a 10 inch Keel roller that has a 5/8 inner diameter. This item has a 11.25 inch overall length and is 5/8 in diameter. It is not uncommon for the roller shaft holding your keel roller to become rusted or damaged over time. The purpose of the shaft is to allow the roller a smooth surface to rotate around to assist while unloading and loading your boat. To prevent failure or damage, it is ideal to replace this shaft at the first notice of your rollers not performing properly. Your old roller shaft is removed by hammering or cutting off your Pal Nuts holding the shaft together. For installing the new roller shaft, you would use two 5/8 inch Zinc Plated Boat Trailer Roller Shaft Pal Nuts. These will be hammered back onto the new roller shaft. The most common size keel roller mounted on this 11.25 inch shaft would be a 10 inch keel roller. In addition, the correct roller bracket length that would hold this shaft and your roller would also be referred to as a 10 inch Roller Bracket. We have this 10 inch Galvanized Keel Roller Bracket for Boat Trailer available if you are needing to replace your rusted or damaged assembly. 


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