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To prolong the life of your vehicle, your tires need to match your vehicle's everyday use and standard load. Putting your truck, boat or other vehicle through constant wear and tear through rough terrain or heavy loads with standard tires inevitably leads to damage and eventual failure. Heavy-duty trailer tires are the right choice for large, heavy-use vehicles.

Although heavy-duty trailer tires sound like they are best for use on trailers, trailer tires are actually the best choice for a variety of other vehicles, too. Campers, especially those that travel into the mountains or over rough terrain, really need heavy-duty tires for optimal performance and passenger safety. All types of trailers also need heavy-duty trailer tires. Boat trailers work best with trailer tires, as do horse trailers and utility trailers. Any type of enclosed trailer also needs heavy-duty tires for the best possible level of performance.

Heavy-duty trailer tires withstand the high pressures necessary to accommodate such large, heavy loads. Trailer tires also feature stiffer sidewalls, which allows them to be towed more fluidly without as much effort. The tires provide large vehicles with the support that typical tires are not able to give. Like standard tires, they are available in various sizes to fit different vehicles easily.

Cars and trucks have their own types of recommended tires, so heavy-duty trailer tires are not recommended for use on these vehicles. Trailer tires are typically available in 8-inch sizes up to 16-inch sizes, which fit most sizes of trailers and campers. Trailer tires are also available from most of the trusted brands that carry car and truck tires.
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