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Trailer Tandem Axle Leaf Spring Hanger Kit for  2

Trailer Tandem Axle Leaf Spring Hanger Kit for 2" Wide Hook Slipper Leaf Springs

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Part Number: 23950
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This Trailer Leaf Spring Hanger Kit contains everything needed for a tandem axle Suspension System. The parts included in this kit are designed to fit the larger 2 inch wide leaf springs. The Kit contains 2 front hangers, 2 center hangers, 2 rear hangers, 2 equalizer bars, and 4 leaf spring mounting bolts.


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A Tandem Axle Leaf Spring Hanger Kit will allow you to build, or replace, the Core Suspension Parts on your High Capacity, Heavy Duty Trailer.  This Kit is made for 2 inch wide Hook Slipper Style Trailer Leaf Springs, which are typically rated for higher capacities than the standard 1 3/4" leaf springs, but this kil will outfit tandem axle trailers with 3,500lb axles up to 8,000lb axles as long as they use 2 inch wide leaf springs.  This Complete Kit contains everything needed to replace every hanger on a Tandem Axle Setup which uses 4 of those Hook Style Slip Springs.  The Kit comes with 2 Front Hangers, 2 Center Hangers, 2 Rear Hangers, 2 Equalizer Bars, 2 Equalizer Bar Mounting Bolts, and 4 Leaf Spring Mounting Bolts.

The Hangers in this Kit are intended to be welded to your trailer frame, they can be painted after installation to match the trailer and to help prevent corrosion.  The Measurements for the Tandem Axle Hanger Parts are:

Hanger Measurements (Measured from center of the bolt hole to the top of the hanger)
Front Hangers: 3 3/4"
Rear Hangers: 5 1/8"
Center Hangers: 3 3/8"

Equalizer Bar Measurements
Equalizer Bar: 12 inches long
7/8" Diameter Holt for installing to the Center Hanger
9/16" Diameter Holes for the Leaf Spring Bolts

Hardware Measurements
9/16" x 3 1/2" Spring Bolts and Locknuts
7/8" x 4 5/16" Equalizer Bolts with Castle nuts and Cotter Pins

-Tandem Axle Kit, includes hangers for 4 Leaf Springs
-Hangers fit 2" Wide Leaf Springs
-Includes all Hangers, EQ Bars, Mounting Bolts
 -Weld On application
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