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Trailer Standard Grease Gun for 14oz Grease Cartridges

Trailer Standard Grease Gun for 14oz Grease Cartridges

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Part Number: 23076
by Distributor: N/A
Bearing Grease Gun for Trailers Lever Action Style Pump
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
This is a standard sized Grease Gun to be used with the 14 oz Grease Tubes from Lucas/Lubrimatic. You can additionally use any grease tubes in the 14 oz range. Having a grease gun for your trailer maintenance ensures that you have the proper tool to keep your wheel bearings lubricated. Typically we see most customers re-packing or re-greasing their hubs once a year. In addition, certain greasing applications, like the posi-lube system, allow for easy repeated greasing through the spindles grease fitting. This item features a shorter stroke lever to pump the grease, a positive lock for simple grease tube replacement and loading, and an easy to handle barrel. This package includes a fixed grease application nozzle that threads into the gun for easy control. Each grease gun includes user instruction information. This Item comes in Manufacturers Box. 


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