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Trailer Short Hub 5 Bolt fits 2k-2.5k lb. axles 1in Bearings (L44643)

Trailer Short Hub 5 Bolt fits 2k-2.5k lb. axles 1in Bearings (L44643)

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Part Number: 26263
by Distributor: 26263
Short Hub Painted 5 Bolt fits 2,000lb lb axles 1 inch x 1 inch bearings
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This Painted Steel Trailer Short Hub measures 3 1/2 inches from end to end and is designed to fit on Short Trailer Spindles which measure 2 1/8" long.  This size is less common now and not the new standard hub length, but many older style trailers still use this Style of Short Hub.  This 3 1/2 inch Painted Trailer Short Hub comes with a standard 1" bearing kit, which is typically seen on 2,000lb and 2,200lb capacity trailer axles.  We include 2 seal sizes and a cotter pin for convenience.

Fits 2000-2500lb Axles
Includes hub, bearings, and seal
Outer Bearing Number 44643, 1 inch inner diameter
Inner Bearing Number 44643, 1 inch inner diameter
The Grease seals included in this kit are a 1 1/4" Inner Diameter Seal and a 1 1/2" Inner Diameter Grease Seal. You will only use one of these Sizes on your Axles Spindle. We include both for customer convenience, as sometimes it is very difficult to know which is needed.  Test Fit both on your trailers spindle and discard the one that will not fit. Only one Grease seal is used per hub.

Bolt Pattern 5 on 4.5
Rated to 1250 lbs. each
If you've ever experienced difficulty installing dust caps, check out this 1.98 Trailer Dust Cap installation Tool for much easier installation. 

This Hub Will Not Fit Any of the Trailer Axles in Our Store.  It is a short-hub and is sold to be a replacement on an axle with a short style spindle.


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