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Trailer Roof Vent EZ Lift Assembly w/ Smoke-Tinted Top and 12V Fan

Trailer Roof Vent EZ Lift Assembly w/ Smoke-Tinted Top and 12V Fan

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Part Number: 26917
by : V3094-603-00
White Vent Assembly w/ Fan and E-Z Lift Handle
Feature: Specialty Polymer Plastic Construction Top
Feature: 12 Volt Fan
Feature 5 T-Shaped Spring-Loaded E-Z Lift Handle

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Here we have the Ventline E-Z Lift vent assembly with 12-volt fan and switch. This roof vent measures the standard 14 1/4" x 14 1/4" making it perfect for most trailers in need of a new vent top! The wedge-shaped dome top is aerodynamic and made from durable dark polypropylene (a specialty polymer plastic construction) that is UV-resistant and long-lasting. The smoke tint color shades your trailer's interior while inside! A pre-installed 12V DC, 8-blade, single-speed fan comes included with this assembly and has an On/Off switch located on the interior bottom corner of the vent. While rotating counterclockwise, this fan will help to push stale air out of your trailer and allows air to circulate while your trailer remains locked and secure! The power (black) and ground (white) wires are installed and ready to connect as well. The spring-loaded T-Shaped E-Z Lift handle lets you open and close the vent faster and smoother than a standard crank handle or hand knob and allows for 10 different locking positions. A vinyl weather seal helps keep water out when the vent is closed.

  • Made in the USA
  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • Opening size: 14-1/4" wide x 14-1/4" long
  • Overall dimensions: 16-1/2" wide x 16-1/2" long
  • 12V DC, 8-blade fan w/ On/Off switch


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