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Trailer Leaf Springs

Check out our huge selection of trailer leaf springs and parts. These parts are designed for all types of trailers from light and heavy duty boat trailers to every type of leaf sprung trailer towed on land.

No matter what type of trailer you are hauling, your leaf springs perform a critically important function. They absorb and dampen the bumps and vibrations of the road, ensuring that you not only experience a smooth ride, but that your boat, jet skis or whatever you're carrying on your trailer doesn't get shaken up too much. At Sturdy Built Trailer Parts, we carry an incredibly diverse selection of superior performance leaf springs, as well as leaf spring parts and components. Choose from any of the different leaf spring styles, like reverse curve, double-eye or slipper leaf springs. Our leaf spring parts feature U-bolt kits and bushings, equalizer bars and mounting bolts. And, since this is Sturdy Built, you know you'll always get the top quality at the lowest possible prices, so select your leaf spring parts below to get started, and if you need any assistance with your order, our customer care team is always eager to help at 1-800-747-4983.

To Significantly increase the life span of your trailers leaf springs, pick up Boeshields T-9 Rust and Corrosion Protection Waterproof Lubrication Spray before check out. This Spray can be used on all leaf springs and hardware in addition to being used as a anti-corrosion spray for pretty much anything, from bunk brackets, to hinges, and fire arms to boat motors and u bolts.

    • Double Eye Leaf Spring
      Double Eye Trailer Leaf Spring for boat trailers and utility trailers single axle or tandem axle
    • Hook Slipper Leaf Springs
      Hook Slipper Leaf Springs 2 inches Wide
    • Slipper Leaf Spring
      slipper springs are a style of trailer leaf spring that slips into a hanger, using the slide function of the spring to create suspension
    • Reverse Curve Leaf Spring
      reverse curve leaf springs are used on boat trailers and utility trailers and magic tilt boat trailers
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