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Trailer Leaf Spring Galvanized Equalizer Bar 6 1/4 inch EQ-310
by Distributor : EQ-310G
Part Number: 22911
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Trailer Leaf Spring Galvanized Equalizer Bar 6 1/4 inch EQ-310


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(3)- 1/2" Diameter Spring Bushing [+$2.75]
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Here we have an equalizer bar for trailers that have more than one axle. This one is called an EQ-310. It is the tallest of the equalizer bars that we have that are designed for use with 1 3/4" wide leaf springs. It is hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust. It has 9/16" ID nylon bushings. This pivot bar will make your trailer sit taller (or higher off the ground) than our other equalizer bars. The bar is solid steel. It measures 1 3/4" wide, 4" tall from the center of the bottom holes to the center of the top hole, and is 6 1/16" long from center to center across the two bottom holes.

The 9/16 Inner Diameter bushing that comes pre-installed is suitable for most land trailers. If the purpose of this equalizer bar is for a boat trailer, you will most likely need to replace that bushing with a bushing with a 1/2 inch inner diameter. The appropriate one for this Equalizer bar measures 11/16 Outer Diameter, available here Trailer Leaf Spring Bushing 1/2 inch ID, 11/16 inch OD

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