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Trailer Disc Brake Kits

This category contains complete disc brake kits from two top manufacturers, Kodiak and DEEMAXX. These Hydraulic Disc Brake Kits come in 5 Lug, 6 Lug ,and 8 Lug assemblies to accommodate 3,500 lb, 5,200 lb, 6,000 lb, 7,000 lb trailer axles. The majority of customers are using these disc brake kits to outfit to their boat trailers to not only reach a safe towing experience, but also to comply with local regulations. These are top of the line Disc Brake kits that are available in many different options of coatings and materials that will drastically increase the corrosion resistance and life of your trailer disc brakes. We additionally carry all the needed components to completely install a new brake system onto your trailer. If you are starting fresh with by adding disc brakes to a trailer that didn't previously have brakes, you will be needing Trailer Brake Hoses & Brass Fittings to complete your system, and a Hydraulic Surge Brake Actuator outfitted with a Reverse Lockout Solenoid. 
    • Kodiak Disc Brakes are among the top names in trailer disc brakes, making hydraulic disc brake systems in stainless steel that are ideal for boat trailers
    • Deemax Trailer brakes features hydraulic disc brake kits in dacromet and stainless steel finish, these brake kits come in 5 bolt and 6 bolt arrangements and are ideal to install disc brakes on a boat trailer
    • Tie Die Engineering Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kits for 5 Lug and 6 Lug Trailer Axles
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