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Trailer Axle Painted Steel 3,500lb, 95 in Hub Face - 80 in Spring Seat
by Rockwell American : AX359580C
Part Number: 22107
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Trailer Axle Painted Steel 3,500lb, 95 in Hub Face - 80 in Spring Seat


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(10) Trailer Lug Nuts Zinc Plated Open Style [+$4.90]
(2) 1.98 Dust Cap For Posi-Lube And Ez Lube Axles [+$6.98]
(2) Pre Greased Trailer Hub Galvanized 5 Lug [+$89.98]
Leaf Spring Oiled Round U-Bolt Kit [+$19.99]
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This 3,500lb Capacity Trailer axle is intended to replace your broken or bent axle on your trailer. A 3,500 lb Capacity Trailer Axle Beam is most commonly used on trailers that are running 5 Lug Brake Drums or Idler Hubs. This Axle includes standard 4 Hole Brake Flanges welded to the axle beam for mounting Drum and Disc Brakes. 
You would need a replacement axle if you have noticed tread wear due to improper tire alignment, which is the result of a bent trailer spindle on one side. In addition, another common reason for axle damage results from over loading the trailer, which will result in noticing tread wear on the insides of both trailer tires. If you trailer experiences exposure to corrosive environments, such as a boat trailer, rust damage is another possible culprit for axle replacement. 
This 3,500 lb Capacity Trailer Axle is made with 3/16" Steel Wall Thickness, measures 2 3/8" in diameter, and features #84 Spindles welded into the beam. This listing is for the Beam Only. This Axle is for trailers with a Leaf Spring Suspension. We offer all additionally needed components separately for you to build the exact axle kit that you are needing for your trailer.

The Tapered Spindle design of this 3,500 lb Axle has the following features:
Inner Bearing Surface: 1 3/8" ( Accommodates Bearing 68149)

Outer Bearing Surface: 1 1/16" ( Accommodates Bearing 44649)

Grease Seal: 1.72" Grease Seal Surface

This Listing is For a 95" Hub Face Axle that has the Spring Perches welded at 80". This 95 inch Measurement is also referred to as the Track Measurement, or Center of Tire Measurement. 

Specific Axle Specifications for this 3,500 lb Trailer Axle:

Hub Face: 95"
*Refers to the Outside Face of one Hub as it meets the wheel to the outside face of opposing hub as it meets the wheel

Brake Flange Measurement: 89"
*Refers to the Outside of one Brake Flange to the outside of opposing brake flange

Overall Axle Length (Tip to Tip): 100"
*Refers to the tip of one side of axle spindle to the opposing tip

Camber: Cambered, Axle Camber is intended for use with Leaf springs mounted below the axle.

Spring Seat Location: Spring Seats are welded at 80", this would mean that your Center of Leaf Spring Measurement would be 80".  

Trailer Axle Project Check List:

  Leaf Spring U-Bolt Kits – These typically rust or wear out at the same rate as the axle, requiring cutting or breaking during removal.  These kits will re-mount your new axle to your trailers leaf springs.  

   Trailer Leaf Springs  – Replacing rusted or broken leaf springs is crucial to prevent pre mature failure and damage to your suspension system and trailer tires.

   Leaf Spring Mounting Bolts – These Bolts secure your trailers leaf springs to your frame mounted Leaf spring hangers. They are commonly worn and replaced while the trailers leaf springs are being replaced.

   Trailer Leaf Spring Shackles – These shackles are used with Double Eye Leaf Springs to provide the needed suspension for your trailer, held together by the above Leaf Spring Mounting Bolts.

  Trailer Hubs & Parts- Including wheel bearings and grease seal, we have these hubs and brake drums in 5 Lug including the 1 3/8" x 1 1/16" Wheel Bearings for your Axle Kit.
   Trailer Dust Caps - New Dust Caps or Bearing Buddies provide the needed protection and greasing capabilities to protect your trailers axle and wheel bearings. 
   Trailer Lug Nuts - If your Lug Nuts are badly rusted, we have Stainless Steel Lug Nuts available to prevent that issue permanently, and also protect your Hub Studs. 

5 Stars
Fit perfectly
Reviewed by:  from Elkland. on 8/15/2018
5 Stars
I was worried that I didn't measure correctly, but everything worked out great. Good price, quick delivery, and it's made in the USA! I only wish the parts came with torque specs. I had to research and found basically universal measurements.
Reviewed by:  from Hopewell. on 7/1/2018
5 Stars
3.5 rockwell axles
So before I reviewed these I wanted to swap them in under my kaufman wood deck utility/car trailer. They swapped in easily and looked good. Anyone who is wondering the one inch width difference does not make a difference. I liked how the grease fitting is offset so your cotter pin is easily installed no major issues there. I had mixed feelings on there not being any holes to feed the brake wire through but I think that will leave less area for moisture to seep in and corrode the metal from inside to out. All that said in done I took the trailer fully loaded with an 87 ford bronco up to Virginia doing the local speed limit on interstate 95 and she pulled fantastic wish I had bought them sooner. Great product will be buying rockwell if I ever need to do this swap again.
Reviewed by:  from eastern NC. on 12/4/2017
5 Stars
Great price, fast shipping, very easy to deal with
Reviewed by:  from VA. on 12/3/2017
5 Stars
The axle was very affordable and was an exact fit to my trailer. Exceptional value and service and free shipping!
Reviewed by:  from WV. on 10/15/2017
5 Stars
Exceptional Quality For the Money
Bought this axle after measuring my previously installed axle on my tandem trailer. This new axle bolted right up perfectly! Fixed the severe camber issues I was having that was causing extreme tire wear. Purchased one axle now to check the fit and will be purchasing another axle to get my trailer back to 100%. For $107 with free shipping, this was the best deal I could find! Comes with a castle nut, cotter pin and is even pre greased. The exterior zerk fitting was a nice upgrade from my previous axle as well. Didn't even have to buy new bearings! Haven't put a load on it yet but as far as fitment and quality, it's top notch.
Reviewed by:  from Charleston, SC. on 7/23/2017
5 Stars
Sadler const owner
Nice all great fit works great just not liking the spindle nuts but great parts would buy them again
Reviewed by:  from OH. on 6/30/2017
5 Stars
Production Manager
Great axles, great price.
Reviewed by:  from Ohio. on 6/9/2017
5 Stars
Great product and very good price
We bought two of the axles and U-bolt kit I am so amazed that the axle and kit could be sold cheaper ad better quality that others have for sale. Not only was I given a great product, but a person to make sure that the second one was right it had brakes it was not just a phone call I felt like I was secure and had knowledge of the part by the person who was assigned to me and my concerns! Thank you for companies products I will be back
Reviewed by:  from Pelham NC. on 6/1/2017
5 Stars
Trailer axle
Very pleased with the axle. Put on in place of the old bent one and went to work. Hauled a truck the next day no problem.
Reviewed by:  from Arkansas . on 11/16/2016
5 Stars
Excellent product very fast shipping. Would highly recommend
Reviewed by:  from ARMA. on 4/26/2016
5 Stars
Replaced bent axles
The 3500# axles were a perfect fit. The spring perchs were perfectly positioned. The axle is great quality. Shipping was great. I would recommend anyone to purchase the trailer products from Sturdy Built trailer parts.
Reviewed by:  from Colorado springs, CO. on 10/15/2015
5 Stars
Great quality and excellent price
I had replaced a bent axle on my tandem trailer, so i wanted to ensure that the axle would be identical. Customer service spent all the time with me that i needed. Axle was exactly the same, with the exception of the grease fitting on the spindle tip. That fitting makes regreasing simple and clean, no more grease covered hands and clothes. The part was exactly what i needed and it just so happened to be the cheapest that i could find. Shipping was only 2 days!
Reviewed by:  from Summerville, SC. on 4/8/2014
5 Stars
I bought this axle as a replacement for my trailer as the one was bent and had been repaired in the past. Great product and great customer service answered all my questions that i hadand very professional
Reviewed by:  from Newberry . on 4/4/2013
5 Stars
Quality Engineer - Aircraft Manufacturing
new axle installed easily. the things I did not expect were 1.) each end of the axle is drilled for a lube gallery and has a zerk fitting pressed in, and 2.) because of #1, the cotter pin hole is drilled offset from the axle centerline, which makes the cotter pin a tad harder to install (had to lightly tap it in with a hammer). Perhaps the castellated nut should be milled a little differently so there is more clearance & less force needed to get the cotter pin in the hole. overall...a great product. would buy another one just like it if needed. thanks.
Reviewed by:  from Lebanon TN. on 11/8/2012

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