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Trailer Axle Kit 3,500lb Capacity 85 Hub Face 70 Spring Center with Hubs and Leaf Springs

Trailer Axle Kit 3,500lb Capacity 85 Hub Face 70 Spring Center with Hubs and Leaf Springs

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Part Number: 26207
by Suretrac: TCS358570IY
A complete Trailer Axle Assembly with Leaf Springs, Hubs, and U Bolts all pre-installed.
Can you replace your entire Trailer Axle, Hubs, Leaf Springs and U Bolts all at once? It's not always easy, but in some cases, the answer is yes. This 3.5k Trailer Suspension Kit comes with 25 1/4 inch Double Eye Leaf Springs, which are the most common sized leaf springs for trailers, as well as (2) 5 lug Trailer Hubs with the standard 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern. These parts arrive at your door pre-installed to the Painted Steel Axle just as pictured.  This particular Boat/Utility Trailer Axle measures 85 inches from Hub to Hub.

 It is important to compare all the measurements in this listing to the measurements from your current Trailer Suspension Parts in order to determine if this kit will fit your trailer. Getting an accurate Hub Face measurement is important because it determines your center of tire placement. Getting a new axle with the same hub face as your current axle will keep your tires in the same place in relation to the trailer, though this measurement can sometimes be changed an inch or so when getting a new Trailer Axle depending on your trailer's clearance around the tire. The other measurement for the axle is the spring center measurement, and this measurement has to match exactly between your current trailer axle to the one you're looking to purchase. This is the mounting point for your trailer's suspension, so if it's off by even an inch then this entire kit won't be able to install to your Trailer Frame. 

These and other vital measurements are listed below.

Suspension Kit Measurements 
 Spring Center: 70 inches 
 Hub Face: 85 inches 
 Spring Length: 25 1/4 inch, Double Eye 
 5 on 4.5 inch Hubs (5 Lug, 4 1/2 inch stud spacing) 
 9/16 inch bushings in the spring, the 9/16 inch trailer bolts are not included

Trailer Axle Kit Features: 
 Posi-Lube Greaseable Spindles 
 4-Hole Brake Flange 
 5 Lug Hubs Pre Installed 
 Leaf Springs Pre Installed with Zinc Plated U Bolt kit
 Ships fully assembled
This particular Trailer Axle Kit requires Double-Eye style leaf spring hangers which measure roughly 25 inches center to center, and a 70 inch wide measurement from the Center of one leaf spring to the Center of the leaf spring on the other side of the trailer in order to fit.  You may also need new Leaf Spring Shackles and Bolts, which are not included in this kit.


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