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Titan Model 60 Disc Trailer Surge Brake Actuator w/ Shield & Solenoid 7,000lb Lever Lock

Titan Model 60 Disc Trailer Surge Brake Actuator w/ Shield & Solenoid 7,000lb Lever Lock

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Part Number: 23203
by Titan: 47154207K
Titan M60 with Protective Shield and Reverse Lockout Solenoid
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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As a perfect complement to your Kodiak Trailer Brake System, we offer Titan Brand Surge Actuators as the chief authority in the business. This is a Titan Model 60 Disc that is rated to 7,000lb of towing capacity and 700lbs of tongue weight that uses a 1 7/8" or 2" towing ball. This is Part #47154207k, which includes the protective shield and reverse lockout solenoid pre-installed. When considering carrying capacity and the usage of this model, consider you current carrying capacity. Typically this surge actuator outfits either a single axle or tandem axle trailer with one or two 3,500lb capacity trailer axles. This would mean that the maximum capacity of the trailer itself would be 7,000lbs. This makes this model ideal for trailers utilizing Kodiak 3500lb Disc Brake Kits, as the capacity of the kits is comparable to what this actuator would be rated for. 

As far as outfitting this item to your trailer, typically you will be using (2) 1/2 inch Diameter by 4 1/2 inch Long Stainless Steel Bolt  to mount to your trailers 3 inch wide tongue. You must have a straight, 3 inch wide tongue to mount this Model 6 actuator. It is not uncommon to need to drill new holes, as different manufacturers use different bolt spaces when the tongue actuators are produced. 
A Titan Surge Brake Actuator works by using the force of the towing vehicle stopping to engage the master cylinder, applying pressure on the brake fluid to flow through the brake lines. 
This particular listing is for the Titan Model 60 surge Coupler with the Reverse Lockout Solenoid and protector shield. The job of the reverse lockout solenoid is simple. Two wires run from it, one as a ground, and the other connects to your wiring harnesses 5th wire (for 5 Flat connectors). This wire is commonly blue. Under normal operation while driving forward and braking the Reverse Solenoid Valve does nothing, however, once you need to reverse or back into the ramp, this is where the Solenoid Valve becomes crucial. When you put your truck in reverse, a signal is sent to the reverse lockout solenoid (through the 5th wire, which on the truck side connects to your vehicles reverse light) and the device blocks the flow of hydraulic fluid, this allows you to reverse without the surging of the coupler stopping you as you lounge backwards down the ramp. Keep in mind this means as you reverse, your truck is your only source of braking. 

When installing a new disc brake system on single or tandem axle disc brakes it is not uncommon to spend a good amount of time priming the lines, and using a good amount of brake fluid. It is important to begin at the furthest away caliper when trying to get the fluid through the lines and out the caliper bleeder.

This is Titans Part #47154207K and Includes a Factory Warranty, Installation and Service Manual

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