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Tie Down 9.6 inch Vented Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kit 5 Lug Aluminum Caliper

Tie Down 9.6 inch Vented Boat Trailer Disc Brake Kit 5 Lug Aluminum Caliper

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Part Number: 24899
by Tie Down Engineering: 46501
Tie Down Engineering 5 Lug Disc Brake Kit Vented Rotor and Aluminum Caliper
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This is Tie Down Engineerings 9.6 inch Eliminator Vented Integral Rotor Disc Brake Kit for trailers with 3500 lb Axles running 5 Lug Wheels. This Vented Kit mounts to your standard 4 Hole Brake Flange that is on your trailers axle. This Disc Brake Kit will replace 10 inch 5 Lug Brake Drums, or other 5 Lug Disc Brake systems, as long as your axle has a standard 4 Hole Brake Flange. 
The All Aluminum Calipers featured in this Kit are 380 series, which have been tested and proven to shed heat five times than cast iron brake calipers. They are additionally E Coated to prevent salt build up. These Aluminum Calipers feature Stainless Steel Backed Ceramic Brake Pads with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. These Calipers feature a bi medal piston system, which integrates an outer stainless steel piston with an inner anodized aluminum sleeve to shed heat faster, and provide maximum corrosion resistance when submersed. 
The Pistons are protected by an Oversized rubber boot, which is 50% thicker to provide more efficient piston withdraw. Additionally, a rotating brake line connector allows for easy installation of the brake line going into the caliper at multiple angles. Bleeding the brakes is simple and efficient, using the Stainless Steel Bleeder valve located at the top of the caliper. 
The Aluminum Brake Calipers are attached to the Galv X caliper bracket with Stainless Steel Slide pins, which are seated in oil impregnated bronze bushings, for smooth and corrosion resistant floating, allow your brakes to move freely, yielding optimal braking performance. 
Tie Down Vented Disc Brakes Feature Galv X Integral Rotors with Vented Holes, to disperse heat and provide the highest level of rust prevention. These Rotors integrate the Galv X hub and Galv X rotor into one piece. The Hub Features the industry standard 5 on 4 1/2 lug pattern, and accepts 1 3/8" ID 68149 Inner wheel Bearing, and 1 1/16" ID 44649 outer wheel bearing. This Rotor will use the industry standard 1.98 Dust cap.
These TDE Disc Brakes are additionally not recommended for use with Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Systems. 
This Kit includes everything pictured, which will complete one total trailer axle. 


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