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A good boat trailer contributes significantly to the overall boating experience. A boat trailer must pull smoothly, brake effectively, and work well in both the launch and retrieve at the dock. The boat trailer and the boat should fit the truck or SUV pulling it. Many owners take pride in coordinating the colors of the truck, boat and trailer for maximum effect.

Boat trailers are made from painted steel, galvanized steel and sometimes aluminum. Competing brands are capable of carrying boats plus trailer of from 700 pounds to 13,000 pounds. And most trailers have rollers, sleepers or bunks that the boat sits on while on the trailer. These protect the boat from being scratched by the trailer and help load and unload the boat in the water.

Since the trailer gets dipped into the water whenever the boat is launched and retrieved, it requires routine maintenance to keep it working smoothly.

Trailers, depending upon the length and weight of the boat they carry, can have one, two or three axles. Generally the more axles the trailer has the more the trailer can carry. But the rig weighs more. It is important to inspect the wheel bearings that can rust if not maintained, as well as the tires for proper inflation, wear and balance.

Trailer brakes are very important and many states require trailer brakes regardless of boat size. It is important to check the brakes to make sure they work.

The hitch, the part that attaches the trailer to the vehicle, is also important and it is necessary to make sure the ball on the vehicle is the right size for the hitch. Trailers are also required to have safety chains, which act as a secondary mechanism to hold the trailer if the hitch fails.

Finally boat trailers are required to have running lights, brake lights and turn signal lights. With proper care, a good boat trailer provides many safe and fun hours of boating experience.
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