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Stay Prepared: Keeping a Spare Tire Accessible and in Good Condition

Having a flat tire is no fun. Whether it greets you as you walk out the door to start your day or occurs while you are driving along, a flat tire is inconvenient to say the least. Keeping a good spare tire in the trunk makes the experience a little less irritating. Not all cars have a spare, so it is not safe to assume that you do.

The first thing to do for a flat is check your trunk for a spare. It is usually located under a panel in the trunk along with a crow bar to remove the lug nuts and a jack to raise the car off the ground. If there is no spare, purchase one immediately.

Next, make sure the spare is not flat. If you are not sure, take it to a tire shop and let them check it out for you. Even though the tire looks like it is in good condition, it may be flat or low on air and not usable which means no relief when a flat takes place.

Spare tires are smaller than the tires on the car and are for temporary use. They take up less space than a regular tire and are too small to permanently replace the regular tire. Even though it is small, it is safe to drive on for a short period of time.

Since there is no guarantee that a flat tire is going to occur when you are close to a repair shop, keep your spare in good condition and get back on the road much quicker. The spare tire enables you to get to your destination so the flat tire can be repaired or replaced.
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