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Stainless Steel 6 Lug Boat Trailer Hub with Bearings for 5200lb Axle

Stainless Steel 6 Lug Boat Trailer Hub with Bearings for 5200lb Axle

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Part Number: 25818
by Kodiak Trailer Brakes: HUB-42655-SS
Boat Trailer 6 Lug Stainless Steel Hub Kit for 5200 lb trailer axles
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This listing is for a Kodiak Stainless Steel Trailer Hub. If you have ever struggled with painted steel or galvanized hubs in the past on your boat trailer, you know what saltwater can do. The constant wearing on the hubs surface causes rust build up, which over time can actually seize your wheel and your hub together. With the saltwater boater in mind, Kodiak has made this hub to prevent this issue from ever happening again. This is Stainless Steel 6 Lug trailer hub for standard 5200 lb capacity trailer axles. This is a Kodiak Brand product manufactured for the purpose of optimizing the lifespan of your trailers hub and wheel bearings. 
This Hub features a stainless steel body, with Zinc Plated Lug Studs. The Studs are zinc plated simply to provide the strength and thread consistency needed to maintain a solid grip with your lug nuts. With this hub, we included the standard 5200 lb Bearing set, which uses a 1 3/4" (25580) inner wheel bearing, and a 1 1/4" (15123) outer wheel bearing. The Bearing Races are pre-stamped inside the hub body. You will also get two Grease Seals which measures 2 1/8" ID and 2 1/4", both will fit into the hub, but only one will fit snugly onto your spindle, we include both in the kit. Be sure to test fit each grease seal on your spindles grease seal surface to ensure you install the correct one. You can discard the other.  It is always recommended to confirm your bearing/seal sizes before purchasing.

The 6 Lug, 6 on 5 1/2 Lug Pattern on this hub is the industry standard for trailer wheels. This hub will work with Kodiak Slip On Style 6 Lug Disc Brake Rotors as well. 

This trailer hub accepts the standard 2.441 Size Trailer Dust Caps or 2.441 Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy. For Marine applications, use Lucas Marine Wheel Bearing Grease Tube for Trailer Hubs to yield the best lubrication and corrosion protection for your wheel bearings. 


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