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Spray On Zinc Galvanized Spray Paint 14 oz Can

Spray On Zinc Galvanized Spray Paint 14 oz Can

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Part Number: 22723
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Zinc Rich Galvanize spray paint
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
This product is Fantastic! This galvanized spray paint is perfect for touching up rusty parts on your trailer. It will leave a 69% dry zinc film coating. This is excellent for salt water environments. All you have to do is clean the rust off the surface you want to paint; and spray a good thick coat on and it will never rust there again.  It stops rust in its tracks. Lots of our customers use this to touch up parts on their boat trailers where they have had to weld. There is a thousand uses for this product, but one thing is for sure, it protects your parts from rusting! Spray this material on trailer u bolts, bolts, brackets, and areas of your trailer frame to help with rust prevention.
-14oz net weight spray can
-Made in the USA
-Manufactured by Sprayon


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