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Replacement Trailer Bearing Race 28521 fits Bearing 28580

Replacement Trailer Bearing Race 28521 fits Bearing 28580

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Replacement Trailer Bearing Race 26048
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This is a single steel tapered Trailer Bearing Race, # 28521, which is designed to fit the 2 inch inner diameter Bearing # 28580 on 6 and 8 lug trailer hubs. Trailer races provide a surface for the roller bearings inside of a trailer drum or idler hub to rotate on, so it is important to have your hub's races in good working condition. If the Races in your Trailer hub appear dinged, rusted, or otherwise damaged so that they no longer have a smooth surface, they should be replaced immediately. 

This Bearing Race size is typically seen in 7,000lb, 6 or 8 Lug Trailer Hubs. To determine if this is the correct size Race for your Trailer hub Bearings, you could check your Trailer Hubs Current races by removing them from the hub (from the opposite side, tapping the back of the race lip with a punch) and checking the number on the race. Races and bearings have standardized numbers, which tell you their size.  These numbers are stamped onto the face of each race, you can see an example of how that looks in the photos above. The 28520 bearing that fits into this 28521 race is not the only race used in 7,000lb trailer setups, so it is best to double-check before purchasing to make sure you're getting the proper parts for your trailer.

Most of the time, the Races inside your hubs are replaced alongside the Trailer Bearings and Trailer Grease Seal as a part of routine maintenance, usually done every 6 months to 1 year depending on how often the trailer gets used.  If you are replacing all the inner parts of your trailer hubs, we do offer Bearing Kits that contain the Bearings, Races, and Grease Seal in one convenient kit.  You can find the bearing kits on our website here.

We also offer the Bearing and Hub Parts individually for easier bulk ordering, or for the occasions where you need to mix and match parts that are otherwise not in a standard kit, or if you just need to replace a single part.

- Race # 28521
- Fits Bearing # 28520 (2" Inner diameter bearing)
- Typically used with 6 lug or 8 lug 7,000lb Trailer Hubs
- 2.875" Outer Diameter
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