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Red Heat Shrink Trailer Wire Butt Connector

Red Heat Shrink Trailer Wire Butt Connector

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Red Heat Shrink Trailer Wiring Butt Connector
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This red moisture-resistant butt connector allows you to easily and efficiently connect your trailer wires on the go, without needing to solder. This connector is filled with dielectric grease, which makes it resistant to moisture and helps keep a secure and clean connection free of any intrusive dust, dirt, or other materials. This connector is sized to fit smaller wires and accommodates wires sized from 22 gauge to 18 gauge. Butt connectors like these are a great thing to have on hand in your trailer's toolbox, you can easily replace and reconnect trailer lights or wiring harnesses on the road without having to do any annoying or time-consuming soldering. Keep a few of these on hand so you can just crimp and connect your trailer wiring with ease and get back on the road!

- Red Heat ShrinkTrailer Wire Butt Connector
- Fits 22 gauge to 18 gauge wire
- Red Insulated Vinyl Construction
- Conductor is made of tin-plated copper
- Filled with Dialectric Grease to help keep moisture and intrusive materials away from the wire connection


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