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Ratchet Straps 2-Pack 16 Foot 1,100/3,300lbs

Ratchet Straps 2-Pack 16 Foot 1,100/3,300lbs

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Part Number: 24942
by Curt Manufacturing: 83028
Ratchet Straps 2-Pack 16 Foot 1,100/3,300lbs
Feature: Rubber-Coated S-Hooks
Feature: Durable Zinc Ratchets
Feature 5 1,100lb Capacity
Price $33.69
In Stock
Are you in need of tough, sturdy tie-downs for your trailer but are tired of using ropes or chains? Well, look no further, these ratchet straps are for you! With a length of 16 feet per strap and made from high-strength woven nylon, these straps are great for securing your parts or equipment onto or inside of your open-bed utility trailer, enclosed trailer, and even marine trailers! Each strap has a 1,100lb workload and 3,300lb break strength making it perfect for Heavy-duty applications. These red cargo straps come equipped with rubber-coated S-hooks for a more secure hold and stronger resistance to corrosion and wear! Additionally, these straps include a durable zinc-plated ratchet mechanism for superior tension on heavier loads.

- 2 Individual Straps 
- Rubber Coated S-Hooks
- 16' Length and 1" Width 
- Ratchet Mechanism
- 1,100lb Capacity
- Limited 1-Year Warranty 


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