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QMaxx SALT Saltwater Protection and Corrosion Inhibitor

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Part Number: 24937
by : SALT
Qmaxx Salt Spray Saltwater Protection and Corrosion Inhibitor
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
QMaxx SALT Saltwater Protection is formulated for the unique properties of saltwater. It offers extreme saltwater protection and cleaning properties. QMaxx SALT prevents salt buildup and corrosion on metal in excess of 145 hours, while most saltwater protection products fail in less than 24 hours! Your ocean-going boats, inboard and outboard motors, fishing equipment, etc., receive a longer, stronger defense against salt creep than ever before! 

 It can be used on all of your trailer's hardware to ensure a long lifespan and less maintenance so you get more time on the water.

This listing is for (1) 12oz spray can with EZspray nozzle top.


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