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Most boat owners take impeccable care of their boat, but often the boat's trailer is neglected. Boat trailers are often left out in the elements which leads to fast deterioration of the frame and working parts.

Trailers made of galvanized steel appear indestructible, but salt water is highly corrosive and causes more damage and damage more quickly than any other element.

The trailer's brake system is highly susceptible to the corrosive effects of salt water. The drums should be flushed with fresh water immediately after exposure to salt water to avoid deterioration. Some trailers are fitted with a fresh water flushing system. If so, the tubing can be attached to a fresh water hose and be allowed to run for about 10 minutes.

Salt water can also cause damage to other parts such as the wiring harness, tail and signal lights. The terminals should be cleaned with still wool and followed by an application of petroleum jelly.

Trailer tires disintegrate very rapidly if they are left in exposure to the sun. If the trailer must be left outdoors, the tires should be covered with tire covers, plywood or any other suitable material.

Boat trailers are expensive and highly vulnerable to theft. Trailers left indoors or outdoors still need adequate locks to prevent loss from theft.

Boat trailers are an important component to owning a boat. They can be costly and in order to avoid theft and weather damage, should be stored indoors if possible. For trailers that need to be stored outdoors, quality locks from a reputable trailer lock company such as locks can be purchased. Several excellent choices are available to suit any boat trailer.
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