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Taking for granted the tires on your trailer causes possible slowdowns, breakdowns and other problems. As trailer tires wear down or your towing needs change, finding the right tires for the job is a much more involved process than merely finding the cheapest model on the rack and putting it on.

To find out which trailer tire model works best for your needs, think first about in which environments you use your trailer. If you ever go off the beaten path or you need to climb snowy roads in the mountains, selecting a tire with poor tread is a bad idea. Those tires are only fine for in-town trailer towing in optimal weather.

The other important factor to consider is the maximum weight of the trailer and all of its cargo. Weight ratings start below 1,000 pounds for light-duty trailers, while other trailer tires are rated for weights in excess of two tons. Not much more than lawn equipment or light cargo works for the light-load tires, while you could, in theory, put a pickup truck on a trailer with heavy-duty tires. The difference in cost between this wide weight range is minimal compared to the ability of each tire.

Look at the speed rating of each tire as well. Some tires preclude you from driving at highway speeds while towing your trailer, even if your trailer would otherwise support speeds in excess of 45 miles per hour. If you need a higher towing speed, make sure that your tire supports it.

By choosing the right tire based on weight, environment, weather conditions and speed, you are guaranteed to have a good, long-lasting experience with your trailer tires. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with burst sidewalls, damaged cargo and a trailer you cannot use without buying another fresh set of tires.
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