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Maintaining Your Boat Trailer

Each time you tow your boat to and from the water, you trust its safety in your boat trailer. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a quality trailer, and to maintain it at a peak level of condition. Taking care of your boat trailer is fairly simple, requiring just a small amount of time whenever you use it.

There are a few different ways to make routine care and upkeep part of your boat trailer maintenance plan. First, you need to check beneath the hubcaps of your wheels fairly frequently, at least every other time that you use the trailer. Be on the lookout for dry bearings, which simply require an application of grease, or any signs of incipient rust.

Your boat trailer's electronics need to receive a double-dunking each time you bring your boat to water. It is critical that you check your trailer's tail lights, reverse lights and turn signals frequently. Ideally, you need to check these every time you head to the water and every time you pull the boat out of the water.

Finally, it is a good idea to give your trailer the same treatment you give the exterior of your boat when it comes out of the water. Give your trailer a rinse with fresh water to remove any muck or saltwater residue. Both are capable of causing serious damage to the metal over the long term.

Maintaining your boat trailer is actually a fairly easy task, consisting primarily of frequent inspections to make sure that all is in good working order. This includes your hubcaps, bearings, fenders and lights. Essentially, any time you find a problem, fix it as soon as possible to keep costs low. Neglected issues tend to turn into expensive problems.
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