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Lucas Marine Wheel Bearing Grease Tube for Trailer Hubs

Lucas Marine Wheel Bearing Grease Tube for Trailer Hubs

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Part Number: 23078
by Lucas Oil: 23078
Lucas Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease for Trailer wheel Bearings
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Lucas Oil, a steadfast figure in the market of Lubricants and Oil Products, brings this Marine Grease for your boat trailer applications. MADE IN USA, and featuring a tradition of successfully providing the highest quality of customer satisfaction, this product is proven to perform in the toughest environments. Lucas Marine trailer bearing grease has a lithium complex NLGI GC-LB base compound that is green in color. Lucas Marine Grease is Certified by the National Lubricating Grease Institute for being in the highest performance category for multipurpose greases. Lucas Marine Grease will protect your boat or utility trailers hubs, bearings and spindles by offering a high resistance to water washout and also offering rust and corrosion protection. This grease is recommended for any Boat trailer exposed to saltwater or high load carrying. This item comes in a 14 oz tube that will fit into any standard size grease gun. 

This Lucas Marine Grease truly is a stamped and certified marine grade lubricant designed specifically for your boat trailers wheel bearings. In addition, it can be used outboard motor applications. Using this product provides the convenience of only needing one type of grease for your boat and trailer. With a specifically designed water resistance and long lasting additive system, the Lucas Brand Marine grease provides increased corrosion and rust protection against freshwater and saltwater environments. Lucas Marine Grease also features efficiency friction reducers within the mixture of this grease to decrease running temperatures and improve bearing rotation during operation.  

Product Specs: 

Typical Weld Point of 620 kg, well above the industry standard of 200 kg

NLGI GC-LB Certified

Features a Timken Load of 80 lbs

Dropping Point of 540 degrees

Lucas Marine Grease Technical Data Sheet

Lucas Marine Grease Safety Data Sheet

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