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Leaf Spring Shackle Galvanized 3 3/4 inch Long
by CE Smith Co. : N/A
Part Number: 23980
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Leaf Spring Shackle Galvanized 3 3/4 inch Long


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This Galvanized Leaf Spring shackle measures 5 1/4" long overall with 1/2" Holes to accept 1/2" diameter leaf spring mounting bolts. Center Hole to Center Hole on this shackle measures 3 3/4". These Leaf Spring shackles are used to mount Double Eye style leaf springs to a trailers frame hangers. The purpose of leaf spring shackle is to allow the Double Eye spring to move when compressed, resulting in the suspension the trailer needs to ride down the road smoothly. 

On Single Axle trailers, you would see two of these shackles per side. They are mounted towards the rear of the leaf spring. As the spring compresses, these shackles will move backwards to provide the needed suspension for the trailer. 
On Tandem Axle Trailers, you will have (4) of these shackles per side. They are mounted in the center on each side. These shackles attached to the Leaf Spring and equalizer bar (rocker bar) to provide suspension and equalization of weight while towing. 
We have many lengths available, so measuring your current shackles will allow you to order the correct replacement. Changing the length of shackle used will affect the right height of your trailer. 
On Single Axle Trailers, a longer leaf spring shackle will increase the ride height of the trailer, and a shorter will lower the ride height. 
On a Tandem Axle Trailers, a longer leaf spring shackle will lower the ride height of the trailer, while a shorter shackle will increase the ride height.

These Galvanized shackles are more commonly used on Boat trailers. However, they can be used will all types of trailers. With slightly larger than 1/2" drilled holes, these leaf spring shackles are used in conjunction with 1/2 inch diameter Leaf Spring Mounting Bolts.

5 Stars
Good Product
Good quality replacement part, perfect fit
Reviewed by:  from SW Florida . on 1/27/2018
5 Stars
Longer shackles
I recently bought new wheels and tires for my Boat trailer. I went from 14" to 15" wheels. I Soon realized I had a clearance problem. These Longer shackles fixed my problem without having to Purchase new springs. The fact that they are Galvanized is a bonus in Indiana since salt is A factor.
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 1/13/2016

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