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Kodiak Trailer Disc Brake 6 Bolt Hub Integral Replacement Rotor

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Part Number: 22614
by Kodiak Trailer Brakes: ROTOR/HUB-12-DAC
Kodiak Brake Rotor 12 inch Integral
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This is a Replacement Kodiak Trailer dacromet coated disc brake rotor. Kodiak part number ROTOR/HUB-12-DAC. This brake rotor is an integral design meaning the rotor and hub are cast as one piece. This Kodiak vented brake rotor measures 12 1/8" outside diameter. All Kodiak rotors are 100% tested and balanced. This hub uses a 1 1/4" outer bearing (bearing number 15123) and a 1 3/4" inner bearing (bearing number 25580). Kodiak on uses rotors that are vented to help dissipate heat faster. This rotor is for use with 15" or larger wheels. Kodiak also offers a 3 year warranty on all their dacromet parts.


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