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Kodiak Trailer 250 Disc Brake Caliper Complete Rebuild Kit

Kodiak Trailer 250 Disc Brake Caliper Complete Rebuild Kit

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Part Number: 22434
by Kodiak Trailer Brakes: DBC-250-KIT
Complete with Stainless Piston Sleeve, Stainless Mounting Caliper Pins, Gaskets and all!
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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The Kodiak 250 Caliper Rebuild Kit comes with everything needed to fix your Trailer's Hydraulic Brake Caliper so it runs like new again.  If you're experiencing 'dragging' or grinding on your Trailer Rotors, or you notice Brake Fluid leaking around the Caliper, that usually means it's time to replace your caliper and service your Trailer Brakes.  For an 8 Lug Brake Setup like the 250 Size Caliper is made for, that can be costly.  Luckily Kodiak sells replacement parts for their Calipers and fixing it yourself can be easy and save you a lot of unnecessary expenses.

This kit comes with all OEM parts, that are made and manufactured by Kodiak so you know you're getting the correct parts for your Caliper.  The parts included in this kit will fit either the Dacromet Coated or the Stainless Steel 250 Caliper, the parts inside those calipers are the same.  This kit will rebuild 1 entire Caliper, so if you're looking to rebuild 2 or more calipers then you would need 1 rebuild kit for each caliper you intend to rebuild.

Even with Kodiak's Stainless Steel Calipers, you might experience the Piston getting 'sticky' or not releasing as smoothly as it once did when it was new.  The Calipers that most Trailer Hydraulic Disc Brake Systems use are known as 'floating' calipers, which means they move back and forth on their mounting bolts.  This movement can cause wear overtime on the Rubbing Bushings inside the caliper, which causes a decrease in braking performance.  Likewise, other rubber parts on the caliper may wear out due to sun damage or just regular use, and you may notice some brake fluid leaking around the caliper near the dust boot.  You can fix these problems and many other common issues by replacing those parts of your caliper which are all included in this kit.

Rebuilding Kodiak's 250 Caliper is simple with kit.  After rebuilding the Calipers on your Trailer you will have to bleed to brakes again, that is a perfect time to replace the brake fluid as well.  This kind of maintenance to your expensive Trailer Braking equipment can be vital, and provides a very long-lasting setup that you can comfortably rely on every time you tow your trailer.  If you need new Brake fluid, or any other additional parts for the project, you can find them all here on our website. 

Kit Includes
(1) Replacement Stainless Steel Piston for Kodiak 250 Caliper
(1) Rubber Dust Boot for Kodiak 250 Caliper 
(1) Rubber Piston Seal for Kodiak 250 Caliper
(2) Rubber Sleeve Bushings for Kodiak Stainless Sleeves
(2) Stainless Steel Kodiak Slider Pins/Bolts
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