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Kodiak Dacromet Coated Disc Brake Caliper 250 for 7,000lb Kits

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Part Number: 22435
by Kodiak Trailer Brakes: DBC-250-DAC
Kodiak 250 Dac Trailer Brake Replacement Caliper 8 Lug Kits
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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This is a replacement Kodiak 250 Dacromet Coated Disc Brake Caliper for Kodiak 7,000lb - 8,000lb Disc Brake Kits. The Dacromet Coated 250 Calipers feature a 2 1/2" Stainless Steel Piston, Stainless Steel Guide Bolt Sleeves, Brass Fittings, and red steel backed brake pads. These features are what set Kodiak Calipers apart. Each Caliper comes with these parts pre-installed. Dacromet Coated Kodiak Calipers are ideal for use on roads or in freshwater. This Caliper will outfit both the Slip On Style of 8 Lug Brake Kits and the Integral Styles.


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