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Hydrastar Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator 1,600 psi Extra Capacity Reservoir

Hydrastar Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator 1,600 psi Extra Capacity Reservoir

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Part Number: 25723
by Hydrastar: EC381-7067
Marine Electric Over Hydraulic by Hydrastar 1600 psi Unit for Boat Trailers with Disc Brakes
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
This is Hydrastar electric over hydraulic unit HBA-16ER, a 1600 psi vented unit for disc brakes, ideal for all types of trailers. Hydrastars line of electric over hydraulic units are designed specifically for all the rigors a freshwater and saltwater boat trailer would undergo. Hydrastar incorporated innovative and unique features into this unit to provide increased braking performance, weather and corrosion resistance, as well as reliability. Confidence is key with trailer braking, and with a Hydrastar unit, confidence is exactly what you will have. This unit is compatible for boat trailers with 1 to 3 axles, and with a 1600 psi rating, will handle your disc brakes with efficiency.  Electric over hydraulic units use the electric signal as transmitted by your vehicles brake controller as a result of depressing the brake pedal to create hydraulic pressure for your disc brakes in real-time, meaning a surge is not required. Nothing compares to the response, and braking strength of an electric over hydraulic unit for disc brakes. This translates to more control, and shorter stopping distance. 

-For use with 1 to 3 trailers axles
-Maximum Output 1600 psi
-2 Year Manufacturers Warranty from the Date of Purchase
-12 V DC Operation
-Hydraulic Hose Line measures 3/16"
-Unit measures 11.8" L x 3" W x 7.3" H
-Four 12 ga Wire Configuration: Black - Constant Power, Blue - Brake Controller, White - Ground, Yellow - Breakaway
-DOT CFR-393 Braking Compliant

-Sealed, extruded anodized aluminum unit
-Marine Grade EPDM Gaskets seal the housing unit
-Stainless Steel hardware
-Vented end plate that allows for the release of moisture, pressure, and temperature from inside the housing unit
-Solid state electronics with proportional pressure value control for efficient smooth braking performance
-Integrated bleeder screw for brake line air release
-Lower Amp Draw that only requires one Breakaway Battery
-3 inch Width makes it easy to integrate onto a trailer
-Made in USA


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