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Gel Cell Dual Battery Breakaway Kit for Titan Brake Rite Actuator Kit

Gel Cell Dual Battery Breakaway Kit for Titan Brake Rite Actuator Kit

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Part Number: 24745
by : 4822100
Titan Battery Breakaway Kit Dual Gel Cell Batteries
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
This is Titans Part Number 4822100. This Dual Cell Battery Kit is designed for Titans Brake Rite EHB, Brake Rite II SD, and Brake Rite Plug and Play Kits. Titan Brake Rite Kits require a minimum break-away battery rating of ten (10) amp hours. This is accomplished with this dual battery kit, which features two (5) Amp Hour batteries connected in parallel. As pictured, this kit includes two batteries, two battery securing compartments, and one lanyard with battery connection wires. If you are purchasing the Brake Rite Plug and Play, or Brake Rite SD II, you will use the Dual Battery Connection that is included with those kits for connecting to your Dual Battery kit, and not use the included breakaway switch. 
For Detailed Information and wiring diagram, please refer to the Dual Battery Connection Technical Bulletin

The battery boxes have available mounting holes that can be used to secure to your trailer. The exact location and style of mounting your battery boxes depends upon the design and style of your trailer as well as the location determined for your Titan Brake Rite Electric Over Hydraulic Kit. Mounting Hardware not included. 


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