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Boats tend to be a summertime accessory. They're great for water skiing, tubing, fishing and much more. But what about those winter months when most people's boats don't touch the water for extended periods of time? For those who store their boats and boat trailers outside, it is of the utmost importance to make sure they are properly taken care of. If they aren't, this could lead to costly damage to either the boat itself or the trailer it's sitting on. Let's dive in and take a close look at what boat owners can do to protect their valuable boating investments. 

Tip #1) Don't let water sit in the boat: There needs to be absolutely no water sitting in the boat at any time. To protect it from rain and snow water, it's best to install a tight cover on it. Periodically, the cover needs to be taken off to ensure water isn't seeping in and that no critters have turned the boat into their home. In addition, to help make sure water doesn't stand in the boat, it's extremely important to remove the drain plug. The best place to store this plug is on the key chain with the ignition key.
Tip #2) Get rid of the rust: On the metal trailer roller assemblies, as well as any electrical components, it's smart to spray them down once a month with a water-and-dirt displacement lubricant. In doing this, moisture won't set in and rust will be kept at bay. For any rust spots that can be found on the trailer, the wintertime is perfect for sanding them down, priming them and painting them.
Tip #3) Deterring thieves: Thieves love to steal boats in the winter because most people don't have them out on the water. Instead, the boats tend to be sitting in people's driveways. A great way to deter them from stealing is by turning the boat around so that the tongue is pointing directly towards the house. It's also not a bad idea to install a lock on the trailer hitch.
Tip #4) Protect the trailer tires: It's usually a good idea to remove the tires from the trailer and store them in a garage; this also makes it harder for thieves to steal the boat. In doing this, the tires will be protected from the damage of the sun. To keep the hubs and brakes dry, contractor grade trash bags need to be placed over them. For those boat owners who have a trailer in which the tires won't come off, consider putting plywood under the tires and cover them as good as possible with plastic bags.
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