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When you purchase a boat, it may seem like the only thing you need to know when hauling it is to hitch it up to your truck and cruise on down the highway. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. It is essential to know about your boat's trailer so you can safely transport your vessel and keep others on the road as safe as possible.

The first thing you must know about your boat trailer is the added weight on your vehicle. This makes it much harder to get up to speed on regular roads and interstate highways, and also makes it more difficult to stop. Give yourself more room between vehicles so you do not damage your vehicle, boat trailer or other cars while braking.

The next thing you must take into consideration is the amount of space you have to get into another lane. Give yourself more than enough room between cars before attempting to pass. Because of the difficultly involved with passing with a boat trailer attached, only pass if it is vital.

The last thing to take into consideration is wind. If you are driving next to a tractor-trailer on your left, you experience what is known as a "bow-wave." This pushes your vehicle to the right while the truck is by you, and sucks it to the left after it has passed. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and turn it ever so slightly to compensate for the changes in wind pressure.

If you are not sure about your capabilities to drive with a boat trailer attached to your vehicle, have someone else drive for you. Also, ask that person if you can ride along and observe how they handle different conditions, turning procedures and accelerations so you build up enough confidence to drive a boat trailer on your own.
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