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Enclosed Camper Trailer Crank Up Top Vent, White Square 14.25

Enclosed Camper Trailer Crank Up Top Vent, White Square 14.25"

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Part Number: 22902
by NA: 22902
Vent Top and Manual Crank for Enclosed Trailers
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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This product is a great Replacement or brand New Roof Vent for your Enclosed Trailer or RV / Camper Trailer.  This Enclosed Trailer Vent is white in color and is partially translucent so that light can shine through.  It features a Removable Screen which is accessible from inside the trailer so you can easily take it out to clean it.  This Replacement Trailer Vent is the standard 14" size and fits the roof opening of about 14 1/2 inches.

Installation Tips:

Installing this Crank Up Top to your Enclosed Trailer or Camper Trailer can be done in a few steps with some simple hardware.  You will typically use:

28 - #8 sheet metal screws (3/4 inches long), 

8 -  #8 wood screws (also 3/4 inches long)

3/4 inch wide Butyl Sealing Tape

1 - tube of self leveling sealant.

If you're using the existing hole or cutout for your previous 14 1/4" inch vent, then continue to the next step.  Otherwise, Mark out the area where you wish to install the vent and check to make sure there are no roof joists in the way, then cut the 14 1/4" x 14 1/4" inch opening through the roof and ceiling.

Apply the sealing tape to bottom of the vent's flange that will be touching the top of the trailer's roof, then insert the vent into the hole with the hinge pointing in the same direction as the tow vehicle (so the side that opens is facing the rear of the camper/trailer).  This is to keep the Vent Top from coming off while towing. 

Attach the The Vent to the Roof of the Trailer using the #8 Screws, going through the Butyl Tape which should expand a little as you tighten each screw.

Using the sealant, cover and surround each screw hole as well as the gap between the flange and the roof, and then on the inside of the trailer attach the interior piece to the ceiling with #8 wood screws.

This product is a good fit for Wells Cargo, Haulmark, Lark, Pace, carry-On and many other popular trailer brands!

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