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Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit for (2) 8 Ft 2 x 4 Bunk Boards on Boat Trailer

Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit for (2) 8 Ft 2 x 4 Bunk Boards on Boat Trailer

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Part Number: 24691
by Caliber Products Inc.: 23050
Cailber Brand Bunk Wrap Friction Reducing Material for Boards
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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This Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit is intended for use with (2) 8 ft 2" x 4 " Bunk Boards. We include a full 16 ft Length of Wrap to be cut for your boards. Caliber Bunk Wrap is easily installed with all hardware included in each kit. This product can be used on bare wood or over existing bunk carpet. 

Tools You Will Need: 
Power Drill with #2 Phillips Bit
Pencil or Pen
Sharp Utility Knife and Speed Square
Tape Measure
As you can see the great thing about this product is that all the tools required are common tools. Installation Instructions are printable from our Website Below. These instructions are step by step and will guide you through the successfully completion of your Bunk Wrap project. 

This Product has significant advantages including reduced friction, which will increase the ease of unloading and loading your boat. This will take stress off of your boat and yourself. In addition, the uniquely ridged material allows for easy rinsing to prevent debris from collecting on your bunks, which is an issue with carpet. Another unique quality of Caliber bunk wrap is its resistance to sun wear and dry cracking. The surface of this product is specifically designed and is guaranteed to perform in the harshest environments. 
Bunk Slick products such as this are specifically intended to increase the ease of unloading and loading your boat. It is important to consider that any material or subject matter coming in contact with your boat has the potential to wear it away over time. Just as a boat roller or polymer would, the constant pressure and force of your boat or any object will wear the coating away. When using this product, it is best to keep your bunks free of debris and sand by rinsing to prevent any pre-mature damage to your boats surface. 

This particular size kit includes (1) 16 ft Piece of Bunk Wrap to be cut for your two bunk boards, (4) End Caps, and Packaged hardware screws for installation. You will have two different types of screws, the instructions will inform you to the uses of each type.
This Kit Includes: 
(1) 16ft Piece of Bunk Wrap for 2 x 4 
(4) Bunk Wrap Ends for 2 x 4 
(33) Stainless Steel #10 Truss Head Screws
(16) Stainless Steel Screw #8 Flat Head Screws
Follow the instructions available in the link to ensure proper fit. 


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