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Caliber Black Bunk Wrap Kit for (2) 12 Ft 2 x 4 Bunk Boards on Boat Trailer

Caliber Black Bunk Wrap Kit for (2) 12 Ft 2 x 4 Bunk Boards on Boat Trailer

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Part Number: 26477
by Caliber Products Inc.: 23054
Cailber Brand Bunk Wrap Friction Reducing Material for Boards
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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This Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit features the same benefits we've come to enjoy from Caliber Bunk Wrap Products, but now in a clean Black color that will better match many freshwater trailers, and complement the Aluminum or Galvanized color of most Saltwater Boat Trailers. 

This style of Plastic Bunk Wrap offers many advantages over Traditional Carpeted Bunks.  The primary advantage is longevity, plastic bunk covers do not need to be replaced like Carpet does because it does not wear out as quickly, and is designed for long hours in the sun.  Another great benefit is the reduced friction when using this style of Bunk Wrap.  Boats will glide over the Bunks with ease compared to carpet, and this reduces strain on many parts of the Boat and trailer parts, like the Boat's Bow Eye, and the Trailer's Winch Gears, Strap, and Arm.  Additionally, your trailer won't act as a transport vehicle for biological hitchhikers: small organisms can live in the bunk board carpet and be released into other ecosystems as you take your boat from one body of water to another, unwittingly introducing potentially invasive species to your favorite fishing spots.

This Black Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit is intended for use with (2) 12 ft 2" x 4" Bunk Boards. Caliber Bunk Wrap is easily installed with all the needed hardware included in this kit.  It should be installed over bare wood Bunk Boards, so make sure to remove the existing carpet if you are switching from Carpeted bunks to this material, and Caliber has written detailed installation instructions to make adding their product to your trailer even easier.  You can find the Installation instructions at this link here.

Tools You Will Need: 
Power Drill with #2 Phillips Bit
Pencil or Pen
Sharp Utility Knife and Speed Square
Tape Measure

All the tools required are common tools, and Installation Instructions are printable from our Website above. These instructions are step-by-step and will guide you through the successful completion of your Bunk Wrap project. The instructions are based on the 2x4 kit, but will work for all Caliber Bunk Wrap Kit Sizes. 

Bunk Slick products such as this are specifically intended to increase the ease of unloading and loading your boat, however, Caliber BunkWrap is designed for raw aluminum boats, pontoons, and any watercraft boat lift. BunkWrap is not designed, or recommended, for trailers for gel-coat, fiberglass, or painted aluminum hull boats.  

This kit includes:
(1) 24ft Piece of Bunk Wrap for 2 x 4
(4) Bunk Wrap Ends for 2 x 4
(33) Stainless Steel #10 Truss Head Screws
(16) Stainless Steel Screw #8 Flat Head Screws

-Easier Loading and Unloading Compared to Carpet
-Longer Lasting Bunk cover; no need for frequent replacing
-Hardware is included
-Installs over Bare Wood Bunks, not over already carpeted boards
-Helps reduce the spread of invasive species
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