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Butt Connector Heat Shrink Tubing 1/4 Inch

Butt Connector Heat Shrink Tubing 1/4 Inch

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Part Number: 25517
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1/4 Inch Heat Shrink Tubing
Feature: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Feature: Great for Boat or Utility Trailers
Feature: Heat Connection
Feature 5 Great Paired with Butt Connectors

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This listing is for the 1/4 Inch Diameter Heat Shrink Tubing commonly used to protect wire connections and butt connection points on Boat Trailers and Utility Cargo Trailers to ensure a tight, moisture resistant seal. Heat Shrink is often paired with Moisture Resistant Butt Connectors to add additional protection from any water or moisture getting into your connection points and damaging your Trailers wiring harness or light wiring. To install, simply slide the Shrink Tubing over one side of the wire that you wish to connect. After connecting the two wires, slide the tubing down and over the connection point of your wires. Using a heat gun (recommended) or standard lighter, heat the tubing to shrink around your connection. If you're using a Lighter, moving back and forth in a fast motion will allow you to shrink the tubing without melting or burning your wires. 


- Moisture Resistant Connection
- Easy Installation
- Multi-Use


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