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Boat trailers are an essential component of the entire boat because they are the means of transporting it to and from the water. The boat wheels often receive the most wear and tear from exposure to highways and debris. A large amount of this breakdown is due to the constant build up of heat within the wheel bearings from climate and the friction of fast rotation.

The bearing buddies on the wheels are an important tool that maintain just the right amount of pressure and simultaneously stop damage on the wheels that can result from intruding sea water. The alternative to protecting the bearing with a bearing buddy is the oil bath system. The problem with the oil bath, however, is that it treats the wheels of a boat trailer like ordinary wheels of any vehicle. It is critical to remember that the hubs are being exposed to damaging moisture and drastic temperature changes.

The bearing's constant exposure to sea water gradually rinses away the vital grease from within, which breaks it down and increases friction. The friction on the bearings increases the heat, which causes the bearing to stick to the spindle. This also causes damage to the hub and the axle. Using buddy bearings helps to keep the grease within the bearing where it keeps the revolving parts of the wheel functioning properly.

Without a buddy bearing in place then bearings will need to be repacked yearly. If it is feasible, opt to install them onto the hubs of the boat trailer. Doing this is as simple as replacing the dust cap located on the outer portion of the hub. A few shots of grease can be injected into the hub using a grease gun. Doing so will avoid costly repairs or replacement of the hub and axle.

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