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Known for its functionality and its ability to create a smooth ride, boat trailer tires are essential to any boating excursion. When compared to regular trailer tires, they are of the utmost quality and performance, as their sidewalls are strengthened and reinforced for durability. Stamped with the letters ST, they can be easily recognized.

There are two different types of boating tires to choose from: bias-ply or radial. Either type can be chosen depending on the need, yet they should not be mixed. Bias-ply tires are less expensive and stiffer. However, they are not ideal for long trips. Radial tires are designed to reduce heat buildup; can carry larger loads; and produce less noise. Radials are also known to handle boats better when rounding corners.

Often due to being under-inflated, boat trailer tires can be the number one reason for the need of roadside assistance in times of trouble. Therefore, tires and tire pressure should be inspected frequently. Often needing a higher pressure range, measurements are imprinted on the sidewall. Furthermore, tire wear can be easily recognized with unmaintained tire pressure. Wear will show down the center if the pressure is too high, and if the pressure is too low, than the outer edges will be worn. In addition, cracks or worn tread would indicate the need for replace.

Top performance is achieved when load weights are followed and safe speeds are maintained. Tires are individually marked with weight restrictions. This calculation should not only include the weight of the boat and trailer but also the engine, fuel, and contents of the boat. Coupled with, keeping speeds less than 65 mph, safety and comfort can be cultivated.

Boat trailer tires deserve attention and care as they are responsible for launching, retrieving, carrying, and oftentimes storing a boat.
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