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If you own a boat, chances are, you own a trailer as well. Boat trailers need regular maintenance just as your boat does. No matter if you have an aluminum or galvanized boat trailer, there are things you can do to keep them functional longer.

With a proper maintenance schedule, your trailer will last as long as your boat, maybe longer. Keep in mind what the trailer is made of. If the trailer is made of galvanized steel, regular washing and drying will keep it from corroding. Once the trailer touches the water, corrosion begins. Keeping it clean will help slow this process. There are some vital areas on a boat trailer that you can maintain to extend the life of the boat trailer. There are eight crucial areas that should be checked and maintained regularly.

To maintain wheel bearings make sure to repack them at least every 2 years. This should be done more often if the trailer is used frequently. They should be stripped, cleaned, repacked with grease and the seals replaced.

The breaks are vital for smooth stopping of the trailer. They need to be changed and cleaned as needed, similar to the breaks on the vehicle. Again, if you are not comfortable maintaining the breaks, find a good mechanic.

The tires need to be checked often to insure that they are in good condition and have the correct pressure. Replace worn or damaged tires as needed. Use a gauge to check the pressure if it is low, add more air.

Lights and other electrical connections should be checked often to insure they are working properly. If not, locate the problem, and fix it.

Check the entire trailer for any signs of wear or weakness. The winch, rollers, cable and any other accessories should be in good working order.
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